Securahomes boosts 24/7 safety and security across East Yorkshire

More homes across East Yorkshire will now get greater access to the Securacom range of monitored alarm systems following the firm’s acquisition of local burglar and intruder alarm company, JR Clegg Security.

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For more than 23 years, JR Clegg Security has been selling, installing and maintaining burglar and intruder alarm systems across East Yorkshire, focusing on areas, such as Scunthorpe, Grimsby, Hull and Barton-Upon-Humber. The Securacom acquisition will enable JR Clegg Security to widen its product offering and increase its customer base in the region.

Securacom develops its own range of wireless, fully monitored safety and security systems for use within UK homes. The purchase of JR Clegg Security will help the West Yorkshire based technology company increase the number of households using its alarm systems, which incorporate the very latest in two-way audio monitored security that provides around-the-clock protection and complete privacy.

Already, JR Clegg Security is seeing growing interest for the wireless alarm range, which John, the company’s sales manager states is helping them to be even more price and product competitive. “UK homeowners are starting to see the real benefit offered by monitored house alarms over traditional bells-only systems.

“People now want to know that someone will respond as soon as an alarm is activated – night or day!”

Securacom already has a number of customers across East Yorkshire but sees the acquisition of JR Clegg Security as a way of supporting its existing customers, whilst also attracting new customers living in the region.

Howard Mann, Operations Manager at Securahomes states: “Monitored burglar and intruder alarm systems offer so much more than your traditional bells-only systems. Not only do our alarms help protect people from burglary and intruders, but they also offer safety from other dangers, including smoke and carbon monoxide.

“Homeowners now what intelligent alarm systems that provide real protection for both loved ones and property; our alarms give our customers the very best 24/7 protection.”

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