Don’t leave it to luck!

When it comes to home security many people still leave it to luck! But when you think that a lot of burglaries are committed by opportunists, leaving the security of your home down to luck is incredibly risky and will more than likely end in tears.

BurglarThere is a lot more to home security than just having lockable doors and windows. And the trick about leaving the light on when you go out doesn’t work either. The only way to help prevent intruders from entering your home is to fit a visible security system, which offers both security and reassurance.

Your home is less likely to be burgled if potential intruders can see a modern security alarm has been fitted. Fact!

Standard burglar alarms, also referred to as bells-only alarms can help protect your home, and even though modern alarm systems are designed using the latest technology innovations, they can still cost less then you might think – certainly a lot cheaper than trying to replace all the personal items that they took. Give John a call on Tel: 0844 879 7663 to find out just how affordable a new house alarm can be – including fitting!

Even better than having a bells only burglar alarm fitted is having a monitored burglar alarm fitted. 

If you fancy something a security system with a bit more oomph, then why not ask us about our range of Securacom monitored alarm systems, which provide around-the-clock protection and safety. A great idea if you work away from home or go on holiday.Barton Upon Humber market squareNot matter what you are looking for in home security, we have an affordable solution to meet your needs. Just ask John, or one of our many satisfied customers.

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