Don’t leave it to chance

The number of homeowners who live in Grimsby, Hull and Scunthorpe who don’t have an intruder alarm installed, or are still putting their trust in old, un-serviced alarm is surprising!


The fact is, when it comes to home security one of the best ways to help prevent intruders is to have a visible – dependable – alarm system installed.

Working with Securacom, we are able to install a range of smart intruder alarms that can offer around-the-clock protection. We can even upgrade your current alarm system to a fully monitored alarm, offering even greater home security and safety.

All our products are installed by our team of professional alarm installers, and our monitoring is handled by a secure control room based in the UK.

What’s more, we think you will be presently surprised just how affordable our range of house alarms are. Just ask us for a quote to see what we mean.

Don’t leave the protection of your property and your loved ones to chance. Ask us to install one of our alarm systems today. Or, if you are happy with the current intruder alarm then ask our engineers to maintain your system for you.

Tel: 0844 879 7663 

Twitter: @jrcleggsecurity

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