The power of a smart alarm

Installing a new alarm system offers much more than security and safety, it also offers confidence and reassurance that your home – your loved ones, and your property are safeguarded whenever your set your alarm system.


As many homeowners can unfortunately testify, being burgled and experiencing an intruder in your home is a terrifying thing, and something that you never forget, or in some cases, get over. The thought that someone has broken into your home with the aim on taking things that you hold dear – things that can’t always be replaced is frightening


Installing a burglar alarm, or as some people call them, an intruder alarm, sets a very clear message to everyone, a message that clearly states that your home is protected.

Of course, you don’t have to settle for just a burglar alarm that sets off a loud siren when activated. You can of course install a monitored alarm system that offers greater security and safety. Monitored alarms are a great way of protecting your home if you are at work, at the shops or on holiday. They also offer around-the-clock protection, even if you are asleep upstairs. Plus monitored alarm systems, such as those offered by Securacom are not expensive.

You can find out more by their security alarms and services by visiting the Securacom website, or you can email us and we will be happy to book you a free, no obligation quote with one of our engineers. Just call Tel: 0844 879 7663.



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